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Our Services

Market Survey & Business Plan

Our team is capable of selecting the optimal and potential products supported by accurate information from our partners in the target markets.

Regulatory Affairs & Registration

Staff of professionals and consultants who are capable of handling the preparation of the files and follow-up the submission and registration process in the MOH of target markets of CIS and guarantee finalizing the registration process in the shortest time possible.


Marketing & Sales

For integration with the other services and to close the cycle, EgAz Pharma is responsible for preparing marketing plan and annual sales forecast based on the market survey, and follow-up sales target achievement  whether private or tender sector through the wide network of highly ranked distributors in CIS countries,

Also EgAz can act as representative for registered suppliers.

Supply of Diversified Product Portfolio

Being the Official Representative of the Egyptian Export Council for Medical Industries and supported by excellent relations with pharmaceutical suppliers in Egypt and as a Toll Manufacturer EgAz Pharma is capable of supplying customers in CIS with wide range of finished pharmaceutical products covering all therapeutic categories with highest quality and best competitive prices.

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